The south african consumption function

It is reckoned that we consume in excess of 5 billion litres of alcohol annually; this figure is likely to be higher still if sorghum beer is included, and equates to 9 - 10 litres of pure alcohol per person. According to a World Health Organization WHO report released inthis is among the highest per capita consumption rates in the world, and it is continuing to rise.

The south african consumption function

If true, aggregate savings should increase proportionally as gross domestic product GDP grows over time. The idea is to create a mathematical relationship between disposable income and consumer spendingbut only on aggregate levels.

The stability of the consumption function, based in part on Keynes' Psychological Law of Consumption, especially when contrasted with the volatility of investment, is a cornerstone of Keynesian macroeconomic theory. Calculating the Consumption Function The consumption function is represented as: Assumptions and Implications Much of the Keynesian doctrine centers around the frequency with which a given population spends or saves new income.

The consumption function is assumed stable and static; all expenditures are passively determined by the level of national income. For the model to be valid, the consumption function and independent investment must remain constant long enough for national income to reach equilibrium.

At equilibrium, business expectations and consumer expectations match up. One potential problem is the consumption function cannot handle changes in the distribution of income and wealth. When these change, so too might autonomous consumption and the marginal propensity to consume.

Other Versions Over time, other economists have made adjustments to the Keynesian consumption function. Variables such as employment uncertainty, borrowing limits or even life expectancy can be incorporated to modify the older, cruder function.

His model made adjustments based on how income and liquid cash balances affect an individual's marginal propensity to consume. This hypothesis stipulated that poorer individuals likely spend new income at a higher rate than wealthy individuals. More sophisticated functions may even substitute disposable income, which takes into account taxes, transfers and other sources of income.

Statistics show frequent and sometimes dramatic adjustments in the consumption function.consumption, and apply these to South African data. Since the early s, South Africa has experienced substantial rises in the ratios to income of consumption and household debt (Figure 1).

The south african consumption function

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The consumption function states that aggregate real consumption expenditure of an economy is a function of real national income. This is called the Keynesian Consumption Function. The classical economists used to argue that consumption was a function of the rate of interest [ ].

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