The higgs boson particle essay

A lone Higgs boson will leave physicists scratching their heads. If the discovery is confirmed with new data, what will it mean for physics and why should we care?

The higgs boson particle essay

This entry is attached with this communication as PDF document. We are looking forward to its acceptance and availability for discussion. In the meantime, Higgs Boson have become physical reality.

Since Pico-Physics encompasses nature without classification of different area, it is natural for us to have a serious look at new discovery. This is subject matter of this discussion.

The higgs boson particle essay

Some words in these blogs can be understood by Pico-Physicist. These particles should travel at the speed of light in empty space, but in reality, some of them—like quarks, leptons, and W and Z bosons—travel more slowly.

What is slowing them down? From his blogs, The Higgs Boson have Gev of energy, 0 to 2 spin, and decay into two photons. It seems from above, the scientific community has continued to proceed on the basis of mass and energy being two separate realities.

PicoPhysics do not distinguish between mass and energy. The thought process in Pico-Physics is to unify divergence experiences of nature. Mainstream physics moves ahead with coding the experiences into mathematics equation for un-ambiguous communications.

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The mathematical equations continue to represent the nature but interpretations may not. A photon, that represent natural unit of Knergy, is the particle that exists. The self inflicted confinement due to gravitation, bundles multiple photons into a confined region identified as particle in mainstream physics.

These particles have the limitation on observed speed being less that light speed due to vortex like flow of UCO inside the particle. So particles with mass have the speed of light as limit. Other feasibility on particle is to capture singularities in space as a particle.

These particles have limited life time, and have no limitation of speed of light. Neutrino is one such particle that shall have no limit on speed. Thus mass and energy are simultaneous in PicoPhysics.

Property of inertia and gravitation is directly attributed to Knergy. Energy is a measure of these properties. Part two prepares ground and explains creation Re-arrangement of energy into vortexes, with self-inflicted refraction of elementary particle.

Part three will cover extra nucleus part Atomic structure and electrodynamics.

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We need three units of measure to express physical identities. The current thought process leads us to consider electronic charge as the second natural unit and use unit drift speed of photon to define the third natural unit. An attempt was made to view Higgs boson as defining one of the three natural units of nature.

Have we any knowledge of photons of magnitude greater than 80GEV being observed. May be a thick plastic scintillator can be used to detect such high energy photons. Can this low value of wavelength provide us with natural unit of measuring the dimensions of space?

The completion of part 4 of picophysics needs to wait. After its completion, we shall be able to talk about quantities.

The higgs boson particle essay

Till than PicoPhysics will remain a theory of possibilities. This is also attached for easy reference. The understanding is based on previous integration of speed greater than light of Neutrinos. Since the particle contains no Knergy, speed of light is irrelevant to the particle.

While Neutrino as space deficient particle originate from inside heavy particles nucleus etcHiggs Boson can be considered as space surplus particles generated as a result of fast approaching heavy particles compressing the space in-between.

They will have persistence similar to Neutrino. The two particles Neutrino and Higgs Boson are now comparable with; Similarity: So, even if we discount for Higgs Boson being particles carrying mass, no signifcant role can be assigned to them. The secondary conservation of Space and Energy allows for creation and consumtion according to applicable laws.

In an interaction between two particles, one can be considered as object, the other observer. In the CERN experiment, the head on collision may result in unit knergy from each particle seperating itself from the rest.The Higgs boson is an elementary particle in the Standard Model of particle suspected to exist in the s, it is the quantum excitation of the Higgs field, a fundamental field of crucial importance to particle physics theory.

Unlike other known fields such as the electromagnetic field, it has a non-zero constant value in vacuum, the question of the existence of the Higgs field.

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The Higgs boson is important because it is the transition to why (Kane).” When we know why things work we can start to understand the. Higgs boson particle discovery announced July 4 at the Large Hadron Collider. The authors write: “But behind all the hoopla and uncertainty, the news flew around the world that a basic building block of the universe has been uncovered, bringing quantum physics closer to its triumphant goal of explaining creation – hence the inflated and.

The Higgs boson, proposed fifty years ago by theoretical physicists (Brumfiel, ), is the fundamental particle responsible for mass and is an essential component of the Standard Model.

Furthermore, it’s the only particle of the SM that has not yet been observed. Why one Higgs boson will not be enough This piece is adapted from a longer essay for the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Whether we find the Higgs Boson or not, particle physics is a.

Higgs Particle Essay. account of the Higgs boson, aka the “God Particle”, that was discovered last year. The Higgs Boson is the particle that would explain what scientist have been scratching their head over for years, how all matter in the universe gets its mass.

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