Soc 497 assignment 1

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Soc 497 assignment 1

Minor in Sociology SOC - Introduction to Sociology Study of the structures and processes of society with emphasis on American institutions and the socio-cultural context of human behavior and its consequences. Examination of population, urbanization, social stratification, social conflict, and social change.

Exploring Social Issues Training in how to construct critical thinking arguments on social issues, utilizing sociological theory and data.

Fall SOC - Social Statistics Principles and problems of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting statistical data applied to the field of sociology. Fall SOC - Social Organizations Essential concepts on social organizations, including ways in which social organizations are shaped by the larger society, as well as ways in which social organizations impact the Soc 497 assignment 1 society.

Analysis of major current social problems in the United States. The definition of, causes for, and sociological theories related to such important problems as: Comparative perspectives on the status of women across social institutions. An exploration of feminism and consideration of its goals and methods.

Theories of masculinity, male socialization, interactive patterns, intimacy patterns, and roles in the family.

Data and discourse on change and persistence of male roles in society. Pluralism, sociohistorical development, religious ritual, and gender issues as shapers of the American Jewish community.

Fall SOC - Sociology of Modern Israel The social factors, pre-statehood through the present, that have influenced the emergence of Israeli society as a new social and cultural entity in the Middle East.

Fall SOC - Environmental Sociology Study of how social structure, behavior, attitudes and inequalities impact the physical environment. Topics include the environmentalist movement and its opponents, organizational mobilization to alleviate environmental hazards, and future planning for environmental protection in both urban and rural settings.

An examination of how apocalyptic predictions in this new millennium shape human organization and activity in the U.

The culture of fear pervading American society as it relates to apocalyptic prophecies, messages, and catastrophic threats is a key theme in the course.

Both secular and religious apocalypse is examined making historical and global comparisions. Summer SOC - Sociology of Religion Sociological perspectives on religion as both a persistent and changing social institution. The role of religion in both implementing and impeding social change, policy, and discourse; sociological explanations and studies on religious experience, identity, affiliation, and structure; and the impact of religion on controversial public issues, other social institutions and issues pertaining to class, race, and gender.

Survey of major procedures and principal techniques of empirical work, and practical experience with some phases of the research process. Emphasis on theory construction as applied to social issues. SOC or junior or senior status.

Fall SOC - Self and Society Relationship of self to others and society through exploration of micro-sociological theory and data.

Soc 497 assignment 1

An emphasis on interpersonal and organizational behavior as shaped by social forces. Emphasis is on the socialization process, throughout the life cycle, and the development and role in society of folkways, mores, laws and customs.

Fall SOC - Sociology of Sports Sociological exploration of the world of sports and related leisure activities, and how these domains reflect, reify, and change society, as well as how body image plays a role in sports and leisure, which in turn impacts perceptions of self and society.

Examines division of labor, career pattern, work influences on the other life areas, mobility, correlations of occupational rank, prestige, and the effects of work norms. Spring SOC - Economic Sociology Examination of the social positions of economic institutions and social factors that effect economic outcomes.

Emphases on social and organizational contexts of economic life, social facets of market competition, the modern transition to finance capitalism, and the social side of monopolies and monopoloid arrangements.

Attention is given to the international, social generation of poverty. Spring SOC - Racial and Ethnic Relations Analysis of race and ethnicity with an emphasis on diversity and culture, intergroup conflict and competition.

Emphasis on patterns of interaction, social and economic stratification, areas of conflict, and participation in the institutional life of U. Sociological perspectives and data on gender role formation, interaction, conflict, and change across social institutions.

Theoretical insights on gender from a wide range of perspectives. Fall SOC - Women in the Developing World Explores the nature of the lives of women across the globe; their changing social, economic and political roles; the impact of development, revolutionary movements, and international feminism.

Fall SOC - Global Race Relations Exploration of race and ethnicity in the social, familial, political, and economic lives of groups in nations other than the U.

Spring SOC - Sociology of Children and Childhood Examination of the social position of children and childhood in contemporary American and global society with recognition that children are active participants in their world. Emphasis upon basic areas of family, education, child care, work, juvenile justice, and peer culture.

Methodological considerations of studying children will also be discussed.

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Summer SOC - Sociology of the Family Sociological theory and data on the family as a major social institution.←ACC Week 1 Disclosure Analysis Pap ACC Week 2 Textbook Problems →.

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SPE Week 6 Individual Assignment Lesson Plan SOC Complete Class EDU Week 2 Assignment Writing and Researching Skills Self Assessment EDU Week 1 DQ 2 Effective Teachers EDU Week 2 Assignment Writing and Researching Skills Self Assessment.

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