Prompts for third graders to write about

I love journaling so much that I wrote and published two kids journals! Do you love journaling?

Prompts for third graders to write about

Enjoy these creative writing prompts appropriate for 3rd third grade students. These writing prompts are sure to help encourage the creativity and imagination of your students. Describe what would happen if the entire world was a desert.

Write about what you would do if you could create your best friend. What would your best friend look like? What would it be like to be an animal for a week? Write a story about doing something nice for your grandparent. Write about being a police officer for a day.

Write about what it would be like to live and travel in space. Write about where dreams come from. You decide to take a long walk on the beach but lose track of time.

prompts for third graders to write about

How do you help your friend make the money? Write a story about an animal from the wild that must suddenly live at the zoo. What would you do if you lived in a town made of food? What is your favorite season and why? Where would you live if you could live anywhere in the world?

You are asked to wish for something that will happen tomorrow. What is your wish? Write a story about a cat who can talk.

What do you most like about yourself? Write about the future in years. Re-write one of your favorite fairy tale stories. You find a bag filled with magical candy. Write a story about a human who is cursed to grow a foot every single day.

Kids Discover Their Inner Storyteller with Third Grade Writing Worksheets

Describe something fun you do with your family. Write about something that you think is really scary. Describe a time when you have found something that you really missed.

Describe what would happen if the clouds began to fall.

prompts for third graders to write about

If your house was on fire and you could only save one thing what would it be? If you could only study one subject at school what would it be?3. Write about your favorite birthday so far.

Be sure to describe why it is your favorite. 4. Explain what it takes to be someone's friend. 5. Write a persuasive letter to your parents to convince them that you need a cell phone.

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The best collection of FREE 3rd grade writing prompts and third grade essay topics! Third grade is a wonderful time for reading and writing development, and these third grade writing worksheets are designed to get kids excited about expressing their thoughts.

Start with the nuts and bolts of sentence-level writing with grammar worksheets, punctuation worksheets, and spelling worksheets. Use these 3rd-grade writing prompts on compassion and charity to spark deeper discussions amongst your students and to get your kids thinking about others.

Use these 3rd-grade writing prompts on compassion and charity to spark deeper discussions amongst your . You have just discovered a most fantastic listing of 3rd Grade Journaling Prompts. Use and share them with your students.

Most of all, just journal at least some a minimum of three times per week.

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