Learn to read and write armenian numbers

The fifth through ninth used dashes as well as dots, but proved to be impractical and were soon abandoned.

Learn to read and write armenian numbers

Chairman, Jewish Emergency Relief Comm.

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Plimpton Member, Board of Trustees, Constantinople College for Women The introductory pamphlet spoke of rapes, enslavements, and the "murders of nearly all able-bodied Armenian men above the age of twelve.

It is interesting that inonce the Turks had won and the Mission obviously would not survive unless they got along with the Turks, suddenly all changed.

Suddenly Turks were being praised by missionaries. But until then, the Turks were evil. To build their missionary organization was one of their purposes, but their main purpose was a good one. Their main purpose was to collect money for what indeed were starving Armenian and Syrian Assyrian Christians, to try to make sure that these people had food and the orphans had shelter.

It was a good purpose. They used a not-so-good means to get the money, which was to vilify the Turks in every way, because there is nothing that draws in funds like portraying a horrible enemy that is oppressing these people and will succeed unless you help, unless you contribute.

Which is what they did. Later on the missionary establishment attempted to get the United States government to actually take over and turn Turkey into an America mandate. They failed that because the American Congress refused, saying, basically, that it would be bad for business and would cost too much.

Studying what they preached unfortunately takes a long time. You must read much truly disgusting literature.

What they wrote was not what one would expect of clergymen. Yet one reason they was so successful is exactly that people expected that clergymen would not lie. We only have time for a few examples. One of the leaders of the missionary propagandists was a man named Rockwell, who I will describe in a moment.

He wrote in one of his pamphlets, "Never since the world began has there been such a reign of torture and of butchery as that to which the Ottoman hordes have subjected this helpless and unoffending nation.

It is a scheme planned by high and skilled ability [the Germans] and carried out by low brutality [the Turks]. Armenians never killed; Turks always killed.

Turks, and I am not exaggerating in any way, Turks persecuted orphans; Turks were cannibals; Turks held auctions of Armenian women; Armenians were a majority all over the east of Anatolia; all young Armenian males had been killed by Turks; all women, every one, were raped by Turks; the Turks hated education and always persecuted the educated; no Christians had ever been part of the Ottoman government.

Turks needed Christians because the Turks were racially incapable of being "doctors, dentists, tailors, carpenters, every profession or trade requiring the least skill.

As the missionaries described them, Armenians were happier than the other inhabitants of the Near East. The Muslims had "pinched faces, pale faces, anxious faces, careworn faces, listless faces.Learn Armenian Alphabets & Numbers: Black & White Pictures & English Translations Learn to Read Armenian in 5 Days Alex Hakobyan Շուտով դպրոց (Quickly to School): Learn to Write the Armenian letters MHM Gratun.

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Counting in Armenian Contents. Language overview; Numbers list; Numbering rules; Numbers in full; Books; Links; Other supported languages; Language overview. The Armenian language (հայերեն in Armenian alphabet, transliterated in hayeren in Latin alphabet) belongs to the Indo-European family.

Official language in both Armenia and .

learn to read and write armenian numbers

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