Green marketing contributes precious little to

All five principles are important in protecting the environment from harm, as well as helping to ensure that living for humans and other creatures on earth is sustainable.

Green marketing contributes precious little to

Tweet The end of summer is a bittersweet time for the students here at Green Venture. On the one hand, we are all moving on to another year of interesting studies, but are sad to see the summer end.

The opportunity to gain work experience in a field we are all interested in, before even being done our degrees, was both valuable and enjoyable. We all gained varied knowledge in all the sectors Green Venture explores, from composting, to energy conservation, to education.

In addition to this, to be employed at EcoHouse was both interesting and rewarding — the opportunity to see these innovative changes for environmental sustainability in action is not available at all workplaces.

Between the office work and camp, being employed as Environmental Programs Assistants was a diverse and valuable experience. The camp was a learning experience for both us and our campers; we all grew as people and EcoStars!

To be able to see kids who came to camp start to be aware of their environmental footprint, and try to make more conscious decisions was a wonderful experience.

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Everyone enjoyed hands o n crafts like seed bombs, running games like foxes and rabbits, big nature hikes, and the variety of fun field trips we went on. We still laugh about some of the things the kids said. They also taught us a few things too! To be able to teach and learn from kids who come from various backgrounds was one of the best parts of the job.

Overall, our experience working with Green Venture was memorable and valuable. The campers did better better than me, I could barely be in the same room with some of the crawlers.

The campers however were brave and actually held them. I enjoyed the walk to the pool and running into another camp and we had a battle of who sang the best camp songs! Snow Tweet Hello everyone! I asked if there was any last minute hiring and to my surprise there was.

When I came for my interview I was stoked just to be in the Eco House again! Just last semester in a project course my friends and I designed a fully sustainable high-school.

For example, the solar panels that provide energy to be used or sold to the government for use, the grey water toilet which recycles water, the insulation used in the Eco House that allows for energy savings in heating and cooling and even the green roof.

I have worked in several rec positions with children and adults, including some summer camps that involved animal welfare and environmental education programs and planning!

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I believe that teaching children about the environment at an early age can really create a greener future. Our camp weeks run 9 to 4: To register contact Virginia Snow at X or education greenventure.

I have had previous experience in environmental education for people of all ages and I am thrilled be able to share what I know, as well as develop and expand my knowledge further through all the incredible programs offered here at Green Venture.

Being a part of an organization that shares my values of creating a cleaner and healthier community is truly a dream come true. As a kid at heart, my favourite hobbies include; hiking through the great outdoors, monkeying around with some rock climbing, learning about various ways to preserve our environment, and getting my hands dirty with some gardening.

Many of these fun activities and more will be taking place during the Eco Stars Camp! What better way to spend the summer than by letting kids be kids again and getting back to the elements to explore nature.

My previous experiences with environmental education and as a camp counsellor proved to be a lot of fun, and I enjoy nothing more than seeing campers outside, making friends and enjoying their summer to the fullest!

I look forward to meeting each and every one of the campers! From healthy soil, fresh air, to clean drinking water, what can we do, and what we can consider, when it comes to all the choices we make in our daily lives.

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The end of summer is a bittersweet time for the students here at Green Venture. On the one hand, we are all moving on to another year of interesting studies, but are sad to see the summer end. Aluminum Cans. On average, Americans drink one beverage from an aluminum can every we recycle just over 49% of the cans we use.

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Green marketing contributes precious little to

Going green involves much more. Basically, going green means to live life, as an individual as well as a community, in a way that is friendly to the natural environmental and is sustainable for the earth.

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