Extension history proposal

Historical context[ edit ] Map of the Manhattan portion of the Flushing Line, and nearby subway lines. The unbuilt 10th Avenue station is shown. The solid purple segment represents the pre-existing portion of the Flushing Line, while the dashed purple segment represents the new portion of the Flushing Line, and the dashed blue segment represents storage tracks south of 34th Street—Hudson Yards.

Extension history proposal

We've heard 2 primary concerns: The release schedule doesn't allow sufficient time for the organizations and their vendors to certify new releases of the products the associated end-of-life policy exposes them to considerable security risk if they remain on a non-current version past Firefox 3.

The proposal doesn't address organizations deploying Thunderbird. This proposal addresses implementation and, if adopted, would affect organizations who deploy the ESR AND allow Firefox to update through its built-in updater. It does not affect the intent of the ESR proposal itself, but could limit the deployment time organizations that deploy the ESR and use Firefox's built-in updater to one release cycle 6 weeks.

To our knowledge, most organizations that deploy the ESR would disable automatic updates, and this should not affect them. Releases will be initially maintained for nine release cycles currently 54 weeks, which is close to the target of 52 weeks the proposal is attempting to hitwith point releases coinciding with regular Firefox releases.

Extension history proposal

To permit organizations sufficient time for testing and certification, the ESR will have a two cycle 12 week overlap between the time of a new release and the end-of-life of the previous release.

This will allow organizations who control updates e. Organizations that rely on Firefox's built-in Extension history proposal may be limited to a transition period of 6 weeks, dependant upon how the ESR releases are maintained. The chart below outlines the process behind the creation and maintenance of the ESR, which will be based on release versions of Firefox Desktop.

This proposal including dates and version numbers has meanwhile been approvedannounced and published. Starting with Firefox ESR 24 the version numbering scheme has changed in order to make it more clear which ESR lines up with the rapid release versions and to make the chemspill versions more consistent.

Going forward ESR versions will use the second digit in the version number to indicate which mainline version they match up to: For chemspills this would mean: At the end of the support tail the release will be end-of-lifed, no further updates will be offered for that version, and an update to the next version will be offered through the Application Update Service.

If a platform or locale is dropped in the next version, that platform or locale will be abandoned, and no update will be offered. Mozilla will continue to collect additional information on deployment of Firefox in managed environments, and will work with community groups to facilitate adoption of the official releases of Firefox in those environments.

Based on the data collected and adoption of the new release process over the course of maintaining the ESR, Mozilla would announce the continuation or impending end-of-life of the program. The initial proposal would be to support a minimum of two ESR releases.

Assumptions Firefox 10 will be the base version for the initial ESR and, assuming this is the case, Firefox 3. The ESR release will use the same version number as the version of Firefox it is based upon e. The ESR release will use the same application GUID as Firefox Mozilla will backport security bugs qualified as "Critical" and "High" to the ESR where feasible there may be cases where a backport cannot be applied with reasonable effort, and those cases are expected to be exceptional.

Other security and stability backports to the ESR will be included at Mozilla's discretion. The ESR will be released day-and-date with the Firefox release it is based upon, to the best of Mozilla's ability to do so. Point releases to the ESR will run in parallel with the Firefox release schedule e.

Only those locales supported by the version of Firefox the ESR is based upon will be supported through the life of that release. Organizations that deploy the ESR would be strongly encouraged to participate in the Enterprise Working Group EWG to ensure they are kept abreast of developments, and can contribute feedback and assistance where needed.

Organizations that deploy the ESR will be assuming a number of risks see belowand must understand the implications of using the ESR versus the current release of Firefox. Mozilla will need to be crisp and clear in its messaging, to ensure that users of the ESR understand its limitations and risks, that they are accepting those limitations and risks, and to ensure expectations are set appropriately all around.

The proposed ESR would provide those organizations with the time they need to maintain Firefox while pushing faster adoption of newer versions, provide a bridge to facilitate the adoption of Mozilla's new release cadence, or move back to IE or another product.

Can be used as an opportunity to introduce product and process changes that facilitate certification and deployment, and will ideally move organizations to a point where faster release cycles become a non-issue in deploying Firefox.

Helps Mozilla determine what is required to support a product for a period longer than our regular release cycle, and to build up additional expertise to be able to meet those needs without affecting critical path development. Gives Mozilla time to get a better read on the opportunities in a market space it is unfamiliar with.

Warning: This page is just a proposal, there is no guarantee that any of the functions listed here will ever be implemented. If any of them are implemented, there is no guarantee that they will do the same thing or that the order of the arguments will be the same. For documentation of functions. History Elective 7–10 Course proposal guidelines Equivalent and Alternative Courses of Study Deliver alternative programs Alternative programs and home schooling Special circumstances History Extension key. 4 days ago · WNY History; Sponsored Content cheaper route for Metro Rail extension to Amherst. By But Minkel said the authority is pressing ahead with its proposal in light of positive forecasts for.

Risks The ESR will not have the benefit of large scale testing by nightly and beta groups. As a result, the potential for the introduction of bugs which affect ESR users will be greater, and that risk needs to be understood and accepted by groups that deploy it.

It is important that organizations deploying this software understand and accept this. There is the potential for confusion among Firefox users between the regular release of Firefox and the ESR.

To help lessen the potential of confusion between releases, the ESR will be an associative brand of Firefox e. Specific naming has not been finalized, but the intent is to be clear that the releases are based on a released version of Firefox. Maintaining the ESR will consume development resources that will impact the regular release of Mozilla products.Project Proposal and Feasibility Study models,and build and testprototypes.” 3 The Prince Engineering Design Center was designed for engineering offices and dedicated faculty-student research.

Extension history proposal

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