Dying to live in pauls case by willa cather

Here is Kay Gallant with the story.

Dying to live in pauls case by willa cather

Exploring the world of literature with a specific focus on the texts that have made such a significant impact on society today! Words are a marvelous thing that can convey many layers and meanings. This reflects the feelings of the author towards her home in the frontier prairie village of Red Cloud, Nebraska where her family settled after leaving Virginia.

Willa Cather It was not until long after she graduated and after her career as a journalist that Cather found her subject after a trip home to Red Cloud: I feel Paul represents not just Cather in her adolescence years but every teenager that struggles with depression and the constraints of society.

Dying to live in pauls case by willa cather

This is a tragic story in which I think Cather is sympathizing with those who, like herself, felt deprived in their adolescent years. Pittsburgh, Steel City Cather went to Pittsburgh for her interest in music and concerts but it was also a manufacturing city concerned with steel works.

It seems Paul has an obsession with materialistic society where everything revolves around money. Paul feels constrained by this society as it makes him feel inadequate. He found beauty in music: I feel as if Paul does not want to be controlled by society.

He does not want to become another blank face in a system that does not allow you to enjoy the beauty of your work: We barely even know the sisters exist as he never talks to them conveying his lack of social ability even with those closest to him.

Dying to live in pauls case by willa cather

His characteristics, ambitions, and feelings are encapsulated in these colors, yellow for example representing ugliness and fear. He loathes his working class background taking his frustration out in school Lindemann He receives no moral support from the school or even his father who fails as a parent to understand him.

He attempts to make the illusion permanent, his imagined world a reality. He creates his own masterpiece that becomes real in its grand finale.

Death is something solid that links his world to the real world. She does not just tell the story with words. She uses colors to vividly depict the emotions of Paul throughout the text.

Yellow is associated with all that he hates especially his home: Paul feels threatened by these feelings, which reflect cowardice and fear. Paul desires to stand tall, fearless of his teachers and the common people of Cordelia Street, but is frightened of being weak Carpenter-Houde.

Paul dreams of a better world which is depicting by the color blue. Paul desired "to be carried out, blue league after blue league, away from everything"to float on the cloud of the accomplished and feel its magic change his world Carpenter-Houde.

Paul looks down on the teachers who are threatening him with suspension. He is not fazed by the verbal onslaught. Red portrays his contempt, arrogance and defiance to a society with middle-class values, declaring his independence from them but it is also symbolic of his materialistic attitude in his purchase of a red robe in New York Carpenter-Houde.

He escapes to New York where the red carpet symbolizes his freedom Carpenter-Houde. Purple symbolizes luxury, royalty and prosperity and is a disguise used by Paul to fit in with what he believes to be his people and the society he deserves to live in Carpenter-Houde.

He has depleted his small fortune living the dream but he is down to his last hundred dollars and he realizes the curtains are closing-he would have to make it a splendid grand finale: The black weeds as Paul is driving out of town signify his approaching death Carpenter-Houde.

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They simply could not survive without their jobs. Paul does not want to be taken over by this lifestyle. He wants to enjoy what life has to offer rebelling against social norms but he realizes that money is everything in a material world and without it he would fall back to the miserable working class environment of Cordelia Street.

She based the background in Pittsburgh where she worked. It is a good setting for the story as it depicts a working class society in the steel works that Cather was familiar with. His lack of communication with everyone symbolizes his refusal to have anything to do with society as he is sickened by the constraints of his working class environment.

The Cambridge Companion to Willa Cather. Cambridge University Press, New York University, Quiz - Paul's Case by Willa Cather Words in This Story Pittsburgh - (Placename) a port in SW Pennsylvania; the largest river port in the US and an important industrial centre, formerly with large steel mills.


Where does Paul from Paul's Case struggle to live a hopelessness, bland life? Press override if you were correct (Cordelia St., Pittsburgh HS) Where does Paul from Paul's Case find hope and can truly live a luxurious life style in Pittsburgh?

"Paul's Case" was first published in in Cather's first collection of short stories, titled The Troll Garden. When republished by McClure's in , it established Cather's career and her fame spread across America.

Paul's Case is a short story and probably not as famous as some of Willa Cather's other writings, but it stuck out to me because I could understand the character and his rebellious nature against the society that was trying to force him do things that would make him become something that he despised/5.

If you can read this without a single tear in your eye, congratulations on your cold, dead heart. The neatly tied tie, opal pin, and carnation—details that show Paul cares a lot about his appearance—contrast with the fact that his clothes are worn-out and too small. This quotation appears midway through the story, after Paul has been removed from school, and reveals one of the subtler tragedies of “Paul’s Case”: the nonexistence of the art world that Paul dreams of.

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