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Order this book today through Amazon. Crutchfield " Darby is convinced that without the atoning work of Christ, man must bear the guilt of his sin, and remain at a distance from God without knowledge of Him or of His love. Few today who would identify themselves as Fundamentalists have ever heard of John Nelson Darby or the Plymouth Brethren.

Defender of the faith how an

Unless the Catholic in question is handling media relations for the St. On the afternoon of Sunday, January 9, Jamie Allman, the recently anointed spokesman for Archbishop Raymond Burke, found himself sitting at the center of a large conference room table in the otherwise empty archdiocesan offices on Lindell, completely surrounded by print, radio and television reporters.

Stanislaus Kostka parish in North St. Only 10 days before, Allman had been one of the reporters, a journalist with a bulldog reputation and the ability to provoke fear in any politician, CEO or bureaucrat.

Now the bulldog had turned PR flack, handpicked by the archbishop to handle public relations. And if the strategy was to shift negative attention away from the archbishop and onto the spokesman, it was working.

No issue was more divisive than St. The year-old Polish parish had operated under the control of a lay board for more than a century. Now Archbishop Burke wanted to bring it back under control of the archdiocese.

To reverse public opinion, Allman hit the air and radio waves, recasting the story as a family fight over bylaws rather than a battle for control. On January 4, Allman told the St.

But his task was not to defend his own performance, but rather to protect the archbishop. The question rang all over St.

Louis, and months later, it still echoes: What was Jamie Allman thinking? Television reporting and public relations are both about image. The image of Allman the reporter clashed with the image of him as a spokesman.

And underneath the professional contradictions lay more personal contradictions. Jamie Allman is an aggressive reporter with a reputation for being thin-skinned. He is a devout Catholic who converted to his faith during a bitter divorce.

He is an investigative reporter who championed the little guy and then adopted the role of combative public-relations flack for an authoritarian religious institution. He is a local celebrity who likes the limelight but bristles at scrutiny.

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He is a man who took a job with the archdiocese as a way of serving his faith, yet, only four months later, faced rumors that he was about to leave.

Jamie Allman is a paradox. A December 21,press release, printed on the formal letterhead of the Archdiocese of St. Louis Post-Dispatch, it landed on the desk of religion reporter Tim Townsend.

When Townsend showed them the press release, they thought it was a prank and told him to check it out.

Defender of the faith how an

They had reason to be dubious. When he reported that dead dogs were being boiled down in a rendering plant and the byproduct was going into pet food, the public outcry was so strong that Millstadt Rendering Co. But as a reporter, he adds, Allman was charged with gathering the facts and presenting them.

He felt that Burke had the personality, if not the philosophical bent, of the beloved former Archbishop John May, and he wanted Burke to be viewed in the same soft light. On February 8, after the archbishop imposed interdict a penalty just short of excommunication on the board of directors at St.

In a February article in the St. Stanislaus; speculation by the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests that he was brought in to attack the credibility of clergy-abuse complaints; and the frustration of Catholic-school teachers over the year refusal to recognize its union, the Association of Catholic Elementary Educators.

The real problem for them is that the archdiocese finally has someone who will stand up to them.Defending the Fullness of the Faith: 13 Major Differences between Catholics & Protestants.

By Steve Ray Set of 4 audio CDs Click here. In this exciting series, you will be given the perfect apologetic primer to better understand and defend the Catholic Faith. On 17 October , Pope Leo X declared King Henry VIII the Fidei Defensor or Defender of the Faith. This title was given to honor Henry for his book Defense of the Seven Sacraments which attacked the theology .

- Defenders of the Faith - The two valkyries needed to complete this quest should spawn properly.


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