Curleys wife analysis

She is first introduced by Candy, the swamper, who describes her from his perpsective to George and Lennie. The fact that Curley's wife is introduced through rumours means that the reader already has a biased opinion of Curley's wife before she even enters the section. Candy mentions that she, "got the eye" explaining that she is flirtatious and immoral in that wea re hit with the fact that she flirts with other men immediately after it is stated thatshe is married to Curley. Already, the reader is introduced to the idea that Curley's wife is an immoral "tart" which is strengthened upon her first appearance, which follows shortly after.

Curleys wife analysis

Refer closely to the passage in your answer. How do these link to the economic and social conditions of s America? However, Curley is different in that his callous personality is the cause of his own isolation. Whilst many male characters are aggressive and chauvinistic, some characters demonstrate more progressive attitudes.

The era of violence and mistrust in s America was a product of the Wall Street Crash and the Great Depression, which left many young men out of work and poverty-stricken.

The resulting boom in itinerant work indirectly leads to the entitled attitudes of landowners such as the boss and his son, Curley, as well as the aggressive and isolated attitudes of the workers themselves, such as Carlson. Male attitudes to sex and females are also shown to be damaging throughout the novel.

Again, Curley is the prime example of this. Indeed, Curley only ever refers to his wife in those terms, not naming her and, thus, dehumanising her. Other references to females in the novel are similarly chauvinistic. However, attitudes of characters such as George and, in particular, Slim, suggest that male attitudes can be more progressive than those defined by a cruel society.

George takes care of Lennie like a brother or a father, thus demonstrating more love and care than the majority of male characters in the novel.Curley's wife plays an important role in the novel and yet is never given a name.

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Perhaps Steinbeck was trying to not encourage the audience to develop a personal connection to her? I'd like to see. Curley’s Wife Monologue specifically for you. for only $ Admission Analysis Artificial intelligence Bitcoin Book Chicago Communication Company Computers Culture Definition Design Development E-commerce Education Engineering Ethics Family Film Health History Human Internet IT-Management Law Literature Management Marketing Narrative.

Curleys wife analysis

May 19,  · Of Mice and Men – Analysis of Curley. There is hostility shown towards Curley’s wife by the men “jail bait” “tramp” – typical of the double standard at the time shown towards women perceived as ‘easy’ whereas the men, married Curley included, openly visit the brothels.

Curley's wife, like the other players in the drama, is simply a character type and the only woman in the plot.

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She is defined by her role: Curley's wife or possession. Section 5 From Lennie stroking his dead puppy in the barn to Curley leading a mob of men to find and kill Lennie Summary. It is Sunday afternoon and Lennie is alone in the barn, sitting in the hay and stroking the dead body of his puppy.

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