Computerized bus reservation system

However, not all modes of transportation can get you everywhere you need to go. The exception to this is any one of the three national bus companies that operate between major towns and cities as well as having drop off points at the outskirts of some smaller towns. As with any travel options, utilizing buses as your mode of transportation has its pros and cons, and every traveler has an opinion based on their own experiences.

Computerized bus reservation system

All details that is related to Traveling like fare details,Seat availability, details of Booking, bus details, seating arrangements, inquiry etc.


In our system we can provide the features to the passenger like the passenger could choose the available seats own itself, that is not provided by any other Agency. Our Travel System provides the transportation facility to the customers based on their requirement. The charges are different for different buses.

The charges also depend on the distance the customer wants to travel. They maintain all the records of the bus reservation counter though online service itself but the application is only accessed by the Admin. Until Now they used to issue the tickets in the buses alone it is difficult to track the details of the bookings done as it provides the service all over the State.

Our Travel Agencies manage their data on stand alone system that is not enough to track down the information of the all bookings in the state. Present system is not capable to maintained data on state side. User of this system can able to operate this system any where in country, and booking of the bus ticket on single click.

Computerized bus reservation system

System has able to manage the bus details and update the information just on click, system does very efficiency manage that type of data. It is also capable to manage the details about fare of the bus, source and destination details.

That the system is also able to manage the details of the passenger and their charges details and booking details separately. And Also Check the whether of user is valid or invalid.

Admin should manage the details of bus. Admin should manage the details of customer. Admin should manage the bus fare and passenger details. Booking process complete by only system user.

User should print the booked ticket.CTM: CTM has recently computerized their reservation system allowing you to book tickets to anywhere in Morocco at any of their CTM offices in CTM buses are a bit newer and more comfortable, many travelers find their operating schedule less convenient.

You can leave your luggage at bus station, and come back to retrieve it later because only CTM provides luggage receipts. Our Bus Travel Facility is provides Online Bus ticket Reservation System. In our System we can provides different types of buses categories like Express, Volvo, AC or Non AC our system we can manage all types of Passenger data & bus data.

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Working Paper TRAN Chapter 3 - Computerized Reservation Systems