Causes and consequences of poverty essay

Reflections on the Prison Industrial Complex by Angela Davis Imprisonment has become the response of first resort to far too many of the social problems that burden people who are ensconced in poverty. These problems often are veiled by being conveniently grouped together under the category "crime" and by the automatic attribution of criminal behavior to people of color.

Causes and consequences of poverty essay

Pakistan is plagued by many social and economic problems since its inception. But one problem that beset it is poverty.

Poverty is the inability of people to acquire minimum of set living standard of food, clothing and shelter. According to recent document Dec submitted by Ministry of Planning and Development in the National Assembly of Pakistan, about This reflects the dilemma of a pathetic situation prevailing in Pakistan.

Unemployment rate has risen to 5. This is mainly due the fact that young people lack technical and formal education and cannot be employed in any work other than being labourer.

The low rate of literacy in Pakistan is due to high cost of education. Very few people reach college level studies and still fewer study at universities. As a result, people get trapped into a vicious cycle of poverty.

Poverty is the imminent result of a number of factors.

Causes and consequences of poverty essay

The major factors are bad governance and corruption. Other than that, population explosion and cultural values also play their respective role in worsening the situation. Since its birth, Pakistan economy had been in quagmire.

For any sovereign state its economy is vital for maintaining its sovereignty and dignity.

Causes and consequences of poverty essay

Unfortunately, Pakistan has failed to establish a sound economic system. There exists a huge disparity in wealth distribution in Pakistan and the level of inequality has invariably risen with time. The main reason for wealth disparity is unequal land distribution.

Feudals possess thousands of acres of land. Landlords do not labour on their land, rather they exploit peasants or tenants. The system, is parasitical in its very root. The peasant or the farmer does not earn enough to provide a decent living to his family.

The landlords by virtue of their ownership of such vast swathes of land and human resources have absolute authority over the lives of their peasants and workers.

This power multiplies when these landlords enter the Government through parliament or civil services. As a result, people suffer at their hands tremendously without uttering even a word against them.

Pakistan has an unemployment rate of On the other hand, the purpose of this essay is to discuss some of the main causes and effects of poverty, which I will be declaring in learning, conflicts, food shortage, and natural catastrophes.

The initially and instant cause of poverty is lack of learning. Essay No.

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Pollution. The word pollution has been derived from the Latin word pollution, which means to make dirty. Pollution is the process of making the environment land water and air dirty by adding harmful substances to it.

Although the U.S. remains the world’s richest country, it has the third-highest poverty rate among the 35 nations in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), behind. Causes and Effects of Poverty Any discussion of social class and mobility would be incomplete without a discussion of poverty, which is defined as the lack of the minimum food and shelter necessary for maintaining life.

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Published: Mon, 5 Dec In the current essay we will discuss the fact that poverty causes crime. Poverty is a characteristic of the economic situation of the individual or social group in which they cannot satisfy a certain range of the minimum requirements needed for life saving ability.

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Most of the experts believe that by understanding the causes of poverty can poverty reduction strategies have a real impact on the lives.

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