B2b vs b2c marketing college essays

B2C Introduction Regardless if the sale is offline or online, any business that sells primarily to another business is considered business to business B2Band any business who sells primarily to the end customer is considered business to consumer B2C.

B2b vs b2c marketing college essays

Placement of order through e-mail 5. Dispatch to the customer can be on line or through courier. In order that consumer may visit particular website, sellers have to advertise about their website so that consumer may visit the website. The consumer decides which websites have to be visited and after getting the information from various sites he makes a choice and decides which one should be purchased.

He then places an order intimating the mode of payment which is generally through credit card or e-banking and advise the bank where he has credit card to debit the amount to his account.

After the seller realizes the amount for the goods order he dispatches the goods. In most of the cases whole process takes couple of minutes and goods reaches the consumer within half an hour to one hour if he is a local consumer, it is claimed so by sellers.

In India in this business Rediff dot com is most popular and sells products worth Rs. The consumer has number of advantages and convenience and therefore the system is becoming popular. Consumer has wider choice not from his town or country but also round the globe unless there are import restrictions.

Customized or personalized product and service. For instance if some lady wants a bra of exact size, her size can be measured through internet and stored and she will be supplied bra of her requirement. In case of purchase, one is not required to go from store to store to see the products to collect their details, prices etc.

B2b vs b2c marketing college essays

Sitting at home he gets all the required information and that too very fast without spending much time. Website can be opened any time. In physical sales place and distance is also a problem which is no problem in e-commerce because one can see sites all over the world without moving out of the house.

Goods are available at cheaper price because there are lot of economies of space, rent, interest to the seller Further, he manages with much lesser number of outlets and cost of marketing is reduced.

It helps to globalize retail trading. One can buy things without geographical boundaries. The inventory is reduced, and so the cost of carrying goods and distribution cost. The net enables suppliers to introduce and promote new markets and new products to meet the needs of individual buyers.

Long distance, travelling and delays, pollution all are avoided because one has not to travel to the shop. Consumer is better informed about products, price etc and therefore can make better choice.

Pricing strategy & pricing optimisation: Understanding price against value

Suppliers, competitors and customers come under one roof through internet websites and massive exhibition of various items is possible.B2C marketing is about reaching consumers with an attractive message—first to create an interest, and then to translate that interest into a sale.

To accomplish these goals, marketers must first gain a number of different skills in college marketing programs. What is the difference between D2C and B2C? Update Cancel. Is there a difference in search engine marketing between B2B and B2C? What is the difference between consumer web and B2C?

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Advertising It’s clear that marketing and advertising are two different business tools made to be utilized together. Marketing is a strategy used to introduce products and services to consumers, and advertising is part of the strategy.

Business-To-Business (B2B)

Marketing B2B & (vs) B2C 1. vsMARKETING B2B & B2CVictor GavronschiMarketing Summer School Cluj-Napoca / 2. Despre mine2 Marketing Manager Inter Cars Romania Membru & Project Manager IAA YP Cluj Consultant Marketing & Trainer Certificat Mentor – program POSDRU UBB & Customers know about goods and services sitting at home.

The manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and services providers let the consumers know about their products quality, price, size, color etc. through multi-colored catalogues on website. Connection to Content Giving Customers Reasons to Care.

Q&A Content and Social in real life - Amy Digital Marketing is similar to modern architecture in many ways. Form follows function.

B2b vs b2c marketing college essays

An B2B vs. B2C B2X Peer to Peer Person to Person. Pick The Destination.

Compare and contrast the B2C versus B2B Buying Behavior for a current product on the market today