America a country full of incurious

Every nation, in every region, now has a decision to make.

America a country full of incurious

Forty-four percent were unable to define the Bill of Rights. He was a president, by the way. According to a study by Michael X. The Europeans clobbered us. It was only the latest in a series of polls that have shown us lagging behind our First World peers.

Most experts agree that the relative complexity of the U. Other factors exacerbate the situation. A big one, Hacker argues, is the decentralized U. While isolationism is fine in an isolated society, we can no longer afford to mind our own business.

What happens in China and India or at a Japanese nuclear plant affects the autoworker in Detroit; what happens in the statehouse and the White House affects the competition in China and India. Before the Internet, brawn was enough; now the information economy demands brains instead.

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And where we once relied on political institutions like organized labor to school the middle classes and give them leverage, we now have nothing. The current conflict over government spending illustrates the new dangers of ignorance.

America a country full of incurious

Every economist knows how to deal with the debt: But poll after poll shows that voters have no clue what the budget actually looks like. A World Public Opinion survey found that Americans want to tackle deficits by cutting foreign aid from what they believe is the current level 27 percent of the budget to a more prudent 13 percent.

The real number is under 1 percent. Instead, they prefer to slash waste—a category that, in their fantasy world, seems to include 50 percent of spending, according to a Gallup poll.

But politicians pander to them anyway, and even encourage their misapprehensions. For years, Stanford communications professor James Fishkin has been conducting experiments in deliberative democracy.

The premise is simple: What Fishkin has found is that while people start out with deep value disagreements over, say, government spending, they tend to agree on rational policy responses once they learn the ins and outs of the budget.Jul 29,  · Incurious America In his unfortunately-titled book Idiot America, Boston sports writer Charles P.

Pierce describes the growing aversion in his country -- and mine -- for public policies that are grounded in facts. George Walker Bush (born 6 July ) is an American politician and businessman who served as the 43rd President of the United States from to , and the 46th Governor of Texas from to He is the eldest son of Barbara and George H.


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The clock is ticking.

What causes the character trait of carelessness? Q. What lies under the character trait of carelessness? What causes it? What are the things that characterize this character trait? The United States seems to be the only government that seriously wants the Human Rights Council to promote universal respect and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms. America: A Country Full of Incurious Know-Nothings. American Ignorance America is becoming a country full of “incurious know-nothings.” This statement was made by Andrew Romano on his essay How dumb are we? He states that ignorance is growing rapidly among American citizens and suggests that we find a solution.

Every second, it seems, someone in the world takes on more debt. The idea of a debt clock for an individual nation is familiar to anyone who has been to Times Square in New. Photo by Celeste Byers. When he was 23, Mafat Patel headed for America. It was , and he had just received a visa to get his MBA at Indiana University.

This trip would mark his first time outside his home country .

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