Academic writing references tumblr

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Academic writing references tumblr

Thanks for reading! These sites help with key skills of paraphrasing and summarising. At university level English learning it's a good idea to use an English-to-English dictionary to check unknown words and improve your lexical repertoire knowledge of words.

What We Can Learn from J. If you are struggling with the first draft of your novel, I recommend you follow in the footsteps of J. Rowling and begin with series. In his book Blueprint Your BestsellerStuart explains why he dislikes the word plot: For one thing, it is a term with nearly unlimited associations.

For another thing, plot is singular, as if it somehow references everything. Series, on the other hand, is much more manageable. She used series to develop and organize Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. How did she keep it from crumbling into chaos?

The answer is found in a one-page outline she released to the public nearly ten years ago. In the outline, Rowling identifies her different series in Order of the Phoenix and then organizes them all into a series grid.

academic writing references tumblr

I discuss these two concepts in-depth in a chapter I co-authored with Stuart for his second writing book, Book Architecture: Then Rowling writes the passage of time down the side of the outline October, November, etc.

Next, Rowling fills in the grid with the when and where each series comes into play. This grid not only allows Rowling to organize her story but also helps her track any particular issues within the narrative, such as a series dropping off the radar for too long or a series standing off by itself or a series repeating too much instead of developing.

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Joseph Heller, for one, took the concept to another level entirely in his outline for Catch Draft Your Own Series Outline To reshape your first draft into a publishable story, first identify your different series.

As Stuart explains in Book Architecturethe repetitions and variations of series are how a person becomes a character, how a place becomes a setting, how a thing or object becomes a symbol, how a relationship becomes a dynamic, and how a repeated phrase becomes a key to the philosophy of the work.

Next, create a series grid. Start by listing your series at the top, and the time frames along the side; then fill in the middle based on when and where each series comes into play.Nymphomaniac's punchline is a cynical appraisal of human nature, but the film is so deliciously pleased with itself that it's hard not to get onboard.

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Writing several things at once is often called multi-tasking. This is a term I try to avoid, as it focuses on an action – ‘tasking’. Tasking has two problems – first of all, it doesn’t really highlight the thinking involved in managing multiple academic activities.

academic writing references tumblr

And the focus on action leads very easily to considering techniques. Poet and translator Emily Jungmin Yoon comes through the studio for a deep dive into her work translating contemporary and modern Korean poetry, her new collection A Cruelty Special to Our Species, and a beautiful conversation reimagining femininity in, a truly diasporic This vs.

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